About the Artist

Gail was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. She began her art training at age seven from a prominent Alberta artist. Taking weekly art labs lasting two to three hours, it demonstrated to her parents that the decision to enrol Gail into these advanced lessons was the correct decision. Being exposed to art at such an early age allowed Gail to experience many different mediums.

A Master in the Making...

These early lessons formed Gail’s ability to capture through the study of live models, her lifelike originals of both the human and animal form. Gail continued with her artwork even after she was employed as a layout artist with a major company in Edmonton. Along with this responsibility as a layout artist, Gail had the opportunity to produce local radio and television commercials. Due to her combined experience, Gail found herself employed with a large advertising firm in downtown Edmonton.

From there Gail and Dave (her husband) opened their own advertising firm. This allowed Gail the flexibility to start raising a family, plus continue to do her many commissions. It was at this point in Gail’s career she made the decision that art, being the driving force in her life; would become her life long love and career. Gail continued as an owner of the advertising agency with the arrival of their son Darren. It was then that she took a less active role in the daily business operation. This allowed her to devote more time to her painting studies.

In order to stay at home with her young son Darren and further her own studies with Shepy National Art School Gail began to teach a small art class on weekends. She soon discovered that not only was she benefiting from her own art classes at the institute, but also from the devotion to her art students. Because Gail wanted to convey the joy and true appreciation of art to her young students it would require her own personal growth through enrolment in seminars, symposiums, lectures, field trips and a daily routine dedicated to studying and practical application of her learned art skills. Gail soon realized pastel was the medium that she felt most comfortable portraying the inexplicable creatures that exist here on earth.

Moving to Saskatoon and the arrival of their daughter Leanne allowed her to continue to teach art to adults and children from her home. Today Gail proudly has a successful art school; “Gail Adams School of Art”. Gail with her two assistant art teachers still demonstrate the same commitment and dedication of exposing over 250 students to the true appreciation and love of art.

She has always supported and encouraged the youth of today. Gail as a former member of the Prairieland Exhibition & Fine Art Committee, and a former member of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Artist Association. She also continues to support youth and various wildlife organizations throughout North America.

In 1999, Gail became involved at ground level with the Glenn County Sheriff’s Junior Search & Rescue in Orlando, California. Gail donated this start up group (kids 12 yrs. to 17 yrs.) a print of “Hello World” which they auctioned to generate the initial capital to finance bake sales and other fund raising activities. This youth group under the direction of Capt. Rene Janes (Youth Director of Glenn County Sheriff’s Junior Search & Rescue) and with the training and educational support of the California National Guard (Drug Demand Reduction Command), worked hard to earn money to purchase uniforms. 

The Junior Search & Rescue presented Gail with a certificate of appreciation for starting them out. Gail was so impressed with the group and what they had achieved in such a short time, that she donated her original ”First Glance” and the print rights to further generate funding for this industrious group. The original has been sold and Gail has stipulated that 25% of all proceeds from the sale of this original or prints shall be used to buy United States Savings Bonds. They are awarded to members for outstanding community service, not as a scholarship program, this way it allows each member to choose a trade school or university.

Gail received a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for her Generosity, and on July 31st, 1998, Governor Pete Wilson of California, gave Gail a letter that states” You have truly distinguished yourself to not only be a talented artist and role model, but a compassionate humanitarian who knows no boundaries as well. I salute you for giving so generously to numerous charities, and for being such a devoted advocate for the children all over the world”.


In January of 1999 when Gail was at the Safari Club International Art show a special representative of the U.S. Treasury presented Gail with the U.S. Treasure Eagle Award for Humanitarian Support of American’s Youth. As a result of all the volunteer service, by members of this pilot program, (helping the elderly, work with younger & handicap children, sponsoring a child through Christian Children’s Fund, and provided a Safe & Fun Halloween Night at their fair grounds, etc.) and all the remarkable attention they have received, a group in the state of Nevada made the request that the California Juniors help set up a program in their state. 

The state of Nevada proudly displays an original work of art entitled 'Rock Boy', a Rocky Mountain sheep, in the governor’s mansion. 

Gail has had many successes due to her commitment and personal dedication. Gail’s eye for detail has attracted a major tapestry manufacturer in Virginia; U.S.A. to license Gail’s images for reproduction on tapestries, pillows, and clocks throughout North America. A company from Calgary has chosen Gail’s images to be laser etched onto marble granite tiles. These can be done in various sizes or images.

In the fall of 2000 Gail’s print “Summer Solitude” was chosen by the Kidney Foundation of Saskatchewan, for their print program. This image was printed and 'sold out'.

Her “Graceful Innocence” original has been chosen by Phone Directories Company as a front cover of a phone directory for 2001. International Pastel Artists magazine from Australia has awarded 3rd place for her “Graceful Innocence” original in the Animal category as well as Honorary Mention for her “Nestled Attitude” original. This was a worldwide competition for pastel artists.

Gail is thankful for this God given talent which has allowed her to realize the fulfillment one achieves when able to work with one’s own passion.

Today, Gail and Dave reside in the Edmonton area and travel extensively throughout Canada and the United States with shows, exhibitions and art seminars.